Privacy Policy

When using (‘the Website’), users may disclose or be asked to provide personal information and/or data. It may be necessary for users to provide 78st with their personal information and/or data in order to have the full benefit of and to enjoy the various services on the Website. Although users are not obliged to provide the information and/or data as requested on the Website, 78st will not be able to render certain services on the Website that depends on the personal information and/or data in the event that users do not provide the said information and/or data.
78st’s purposes for collecting the information and data on the Website include the following:

(a) to assist users in finding the appropriate vehicle that they are looking for;

(b) to assist users in finding the appropriate accessories for their vehicles;

(c) to provide users with various services offered by the Website, and newsletters, information on vehicles, and promotional and marketing materials;

(d) to handle and follow up on users’ enquiries and complaints;

(e) to contact users regarding administrative notices and communications relevant to his/her use of the Website and to respond to users’ enquiries or requests;

(f) to assist 78st with developments for future marketing and promotions;

(g) to personalise the advertising and content for the user;

(h) to verify the identity of each user; and

(i) to obtain statistics about users to analyse usage of the Website in order to improve and enhance the Website.